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Aneta: Enhancing Customer Experience at Air Bank

In collaboration with Air Bank, we developed Aneta, a virtual assistant that seamlessly transitioned from a web-based interface to mobile apps and eventually to phone lines. Aneta is adept in both written and spoken Czech, assisting customers with a wide array of inquiries related to banking products and services, while also simplifying their financial navigation.

But Aneta is more than just an information provider—she engages with customers using a sense of humor, adding a personal touch to her interactions. Aneta operates around the clock, continually learning and evolving to serve customers better. Furthermore, her synthetic voice, modeled after a well-known Czech showbusiness personality, enriches the customer experience, making interactions with Air Bank not just helpful, but delightfully memorable.

RAIA: Revolutionizing Customer Service at Raiffeisen Bank

In partnership with teams from Raiffeisen Bank International AG and Raiffeisenbank a.s., we have developed RAIA, a state-of-the-art AI banking assistant, leveraging the technological AI platform of the group. RAIA is crafted to provide quick and efficient solutions, advice, and responses to customer inquiries. Initially, it was launched on the website and the online banking portal of the bank and plans are underway to extend RAIA’s capabilities across more communication channels.

During the development process, we focused on enhancing the accuracy of the AI engine and on broadening its knowledge. Furthermore, in the course of training the internal team at Raiffeisenbank, we transferred our know-how, equipping them with comprehensive understanding of the AI solution. We continue to expand and refine RAIA, ensuring it remains at the forefront of the digital customer service in the banking industry.

EMA: A Trailblazer in Banking Assistance for ING Bank

Our team achieved a remarkable victory at the internal innovation contest of ING by developing EMA, a virtual assistant expertly tailored for banking topics. This AI assistant named EMA underwent a three-month pilot program where customers extensively tested its capabilities, earning an impressive 4.7-star rating on Google Play.

EMA offered clients the ability to communicate both verbally and in text in Czech, enabling swift balance checks, viewing transaction history, and using the capability to send money within seconds with just a spoken command. Additionally, EMA could engage in natural conversations, enhancing interactions with clever humor, thereby setting a new standard in customer engagement and convenience for ING Bank.


Alzee: A Multilingual Virtual Assistant for E-commerce Excellence

Alza.cz, the largest local e-commerce retailer, has taken customer service to the next level with Alzee, a virtual assistant designed to handle an impressive volume of customer requests across three communication channels. Alzee proficiently converses in both text and voice, catering to customers in two different languages, reflecting the needs of each country it serves.

This capability significantly reduces the workload at the call centers of Alza.cz by efficiently managing common customer inquiries and actively resolving frequent requests. Thanks to advanced integration with other systems of Alza.cz, Alzee can perform various actions such as checking order statuses, initiating returns, and remotely troubleshooting issues like a jammed Alza box door. With Alzee, Alza.cz achieves a high rate of successfully resolved customer requests, all without human intervention, showcasing the power of AI in enhancing the e-commerce customer experiences.


EVA: Elevating Customer Service at O2

At O2, one of the largest local telecommunication operators, the focus is on maximizing customer experience (CX). EVA, their AI assistant, excels in delivering high-quality interactions through her pleasant and natural conversational style. EVA adeptly handles a diverse range of customer requests related to products, services, and support.

Operating across two channels, EVA significantly reduces the workload for the O2 staff by autonomously managing a substantial volume of customer inquiries each month. Even for queries that require transfer to live operators, EVA streamlines the process, preparing the conversation so that the live interaction is minimized to the essential communication only. EVA’s AI engine is fine-tuned for excellence, achieving remarkable understanding that greatly enhances client satisfaction and operational efficiency at O2.

TOBi: Transforming the Support for Corporate Employees at Vodafone

When Vodafone sought to streamline their IT helpdesk and HR inquiries, they turned to the AI Assistant from AddAI, named TOBi. TOBi revolutionized the way in which the employees of Vodafone accessed support, providing instant, accurate assistance for common IT and HR queries.

Acting as a first point of contact, TOBi efficiently handles routine requests, freeing up valuable time for the IT and HR departments to focus on complex issues. The introduction of TOBi has not only enhanced productivity but has also significantly improved internal service levels, demonstrating how intelligent automation can lead to substantial operational benefits.


Adam: Revolutionizing Guest Services at Grand Hotel Bohemia

For Grand Hotel Bohemia, we developed Adam, a virtual concierge that enhances guest experiences from reservation through check-out. Adam assists guests with a variety of inquiries, such as transportation, parking, check-in procedures, and breakfast options.

He also offers advice on room selection and recommends local activities, consistently providing these services with unwavering patience. Available via chat on the English website of the hotel, Adam not only improves operational efficiency but also elevates the overall guest experience, ensuring that every interaction is as welcoming and helpful as possible.

Adam: Specialized AI Assistant for Automotive Excellence at Srba Servis

Adam joins our suite of virtual assistants as a car expert, deployed on the digital channel of Srba Servis. This AI assistant elevates the customer experience by engaging naturally with client inquiries across a spectrum of automotive topics. Whether it is general car advice, service details, or availability, Adam is equipped to handle discussions efficiently.

He also assists with financing options or insurance matters and he can provide operational details like opening hours and contact information. As we move forward, plans are in place to further enhance Adam’s capabilities, ensuring he continues to evolve and meet the growing needs of the automotive industry and its customers at Srba Servis.

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