Empowering conversations, transforming industries with AI.
Making the customer interactions faster and smarter.
Redefining excellence on digital channels, sales and service with cutting-edge AI.
This is AddAI.

ADDAI thrives on blending human-like interaction with top-tier AI to transform customer engagement processes. As enthusiasts of cutting-edge technology, our expertise fuels the creation of AI assistants that are not just responsive but remarkably intuitive.

We are driven by a passion to develop intelligent platforms that enhance every customer interaction, making them quicker, more intelligent, and seamless. Our dedication from design through deployment is to craft exceptional AI that sets new benchmarks in customer service, operational efficiency, and security.


The genesis of AddAI is as unexpected as it is inspiring. It began within the walls of an international bank, where a dedicated internal team was on the verge of launching an innovative AI assistant for their clients. This team had poured their expertise and passion into the project, creating a solution so impactful that it triumphed in the innovation contest of that bank. However, in an unforeseen turn of events, just as the AI assistant was ready to transform customer interactions, the project was abruptly shelved due to the strategic decision of the bank to withdraw from the local market.

Undeterred by this setback, the core team saw an opportunity in the ashes of their efforts. They banded together, fueled by their shared experience and profound affinity for AI assistance. Seizing the entrepreneurial spirit, they founded a startup dedicated to commercial development of AI assistants.

Within the four years since, AddAI has not only carved a niche in the AI industry but has also established an impressive array of enterprise-scale AI assistants for clients across a number of sectors. The passion of the team for sophisticated AI solutions and its commitment to harnessing the finest technologies available have continued to grow. Today, they live their dream, working on projects that captivate their imaginations and fulfill their professional aspirations, demonstrating that sometimes, the end of one story is just the beginning of another.

Jindřich Chromý a Tomáš Jindra v podcastu Finmag

Jindřich Chromý and Tomáš Jindra, AddAI founders



Czech Republic






CEO and founder, the dreamer behind AddAI

Jindřich stands at the helm of AddAI, embodying the essence of a dreamer and a visionary. His passion for AI assistants is not just a professional pursuit; it is a personal love affair with the limitless possibilities of technology.

Striving for product perfection in every endeavor, Jindřich infuses his work with innovation and attention to detail that is second to none.

When he steps away from crafting intelligent solutions, he finds solace in the graceful strength of horses, music and the creative artistry of cooking, pursuits that, much like his professional goals, require patience, precision, and a dash of daring.

It is this blend of passion and persistence that makes Jindřich a true connoisseur of AI and an inspirational leader.


COO and founder, makes sure that everything is on time

Tomáš is the mastermind coordinating the operations, delivery, and the unwavering commitment to quality and process excellence of the company. His journey began in the trenches as an AI Watson developer, which has endowed him with an in-depth understanding of AI that he leverages to keep AddAI running like a well-oiled machine.

Outside the office, Tomáš is an avid sports enthusiast, both as an active participant and a spectator. His passion for sports extends to the field and the rink, being a fervent supporter of both soccer and ice-hockey. It’s this zeal for performance and team play that Tomáš brings to his professional role, ensuring that every project at AddAI is a win.


CSO, the strategist who shapes the future of AddAI

Marek is the strategic mastermind of AddAI, focused on expansion and driving sales. His extensive experience in project management, solution selling, and consulting has led to new client acquisitions, revenue boosts, and consistent company growth. Marek’s innovative spirit and management skills have transformed AddAI from a startup to a leader in AI technology.

Outside work, Marek’s dynamic nature shows as well, as he indulges in sports and motorcycle riding, embracing both challenges and freedom. His philosophy combines strategic foresight with team synergy, propelling AddAI towards sustained success.


CTO, the technological virtuoso of AddAI

As CTO, Dominik architects the advanced solutions powering AddAI. He leads with a fusion of deep technical skills and a zeal for innovation, ensuring our AI systems are robust and advanced. Dominik’s background as a back-end developer has been vital in developing the core systems that support our services.

Beyond his tech role, Dominik’s passions for motorcycles and music illustrate his dynamic personality and creative spirit. These interests not only enrich his life but also inspire his work, contributing to the cutting-edge advancements of AddAI.


CRO, the harmony of risk and rhythm at AddAI

As Chief Risk Officer at AddAI, Vladimír expertly manages risk, legal compliance, and human resources, ensuring the stability and efficiency of the company. His strategic vision is the key to guiding AddAI through the complex world of technology and business.

Outside of work, Vladimír is a passionate musician, blending his love for music with his professional skills to bring a unique and creative approach to risk management, enhancing the performance of AddAI on a global scale.


2022 IBM Award IBM SW Data & AI Project of the Year 2022
2021 Zlatá koruna Award, 1st place in the Innovation of the Year category, Voice-controlled AI Assistant Aneta in the mobile app of Air Bank, Czech Republic
2022 Czech Contact Center Award, 1st place in the Technology Solution category, AI assistant Alzee in

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