Try our assistants

You can try out our assistants in a web chat, in a mobile application with voice and integrations, in a smart watch, or over the phone. The same artificial intelligence will communicate with you everywhere, always adapted to the given environment.

You can try our assistants, Ada and Adam, on webchat, in mobile app with voice and integrations

Try Webchat

Assistant on our webchat, with whom it is possible to write on a computer or phone. It is adapted for public channel, however, some functions require authentication.

Try Mobile App

Mobile Application Assistant, much like you know Google Assistant or Siri. You can communicate with it using voice, quick buttons or text.

In Smart Watches

The assistant can talk to you even on your watch and solve your questions and needs using natural language, whenever and wherever you need.

All our assistants use advanced NLP, STT and TTS

Virtual assistants are able to be present on many channels, maintain consistent customer experience, and becoming a new communication channel. They help to make customers’ life much easier thanks to their intuitive control.

What you can try?

QR code with one sentence

“I want QR code for 500 CZK”
“Create QR code for me”
“Make QR for 2000 CZK”

Exchange rates

“What is the rate of USD”
“Show me the exchange rate of EUR”
“How much is one polish Zloty”

Weather forecast with GPS

“What is the weather right now”
“What is the weather in London”
“Will it be sunny tomorrow in Paris?”


History of payments

“What was my last payment”
“Show me my transactions for sports”
“How much I have spent for groceries”



“How much money do I have”
“What is my balance on the payment account?”
“How much money I have saved?”

Savigs targets

“I wish to save 20 000 CZK for holiday”
“Setup new savings target”
“I want to save money for new PC”


Loan request

“I need to borrow money”
“I am interested in your loan”
“Can I get a loan of 50 000 CZK?”

300 most frequent questions

“What is my savings rate?”
“How much will I pay for my payment account?”
“What is my PIN?”


Small Talk

“What is your favorite movie?”
“Can I take you for dinner?”
“Do you like Cortana?”

Are you interested to meet us?

We will be pleased to schedule a workshop and demo with you. Please do not hesitate to reach us.